"We are happy with AgSync. We use it to generate maps and bill off of them. We used to use another service, but once the map was out of our hands, we had no easy way to make sure the map would not get lost. With AgSync, we could easily track orders from multiple locations, so that we always knew what needed to get done. With AgSync, it was easier to coordinate without extra phone calls and paperwork. In short, to get more work done, faster, without question, AgSync saved us a lot of time.”

Midwest Farmers Co-op / Nebraska City, NE


“The order process was quick and easy to use. AgSync allowed us to place orders on a lot of fields and acres in one order. The reports were helpful to manage products and inventory, and kept us from needing to constantly run to the airport.”

Ag View FS / Princeton, IL


"AgSync was a fast simple method for us to place orders to our multiple applicators. It was easy for us to track where and when fields were completed without constantly sorting through emails, faxes, and phone messages. We had a situation that AgSync helped us resolve quickly. A farmer called that had some hogs die in an area he thought a plane spraying close to. We could immediately sort out the fields that were close to him, find when they were sprayed, list the products that were sprayed, and print verification maps for the work that was done. When we showed the farmer the verification information of where the plane was, he was satisfied beyond a doubt that the spray plane was not the cause of the issue.”

Pioneer Constantine Production Plant Constantine, MI


"For years we searched for a software that would allow us to collect and store scouting information, as well as give peace of mind that the scouting job was getting done. AgriSite IPM allows us to do just that! Not only are we giving growers peace of mind, but now we have the ability to store years of field scouting data, building a comprehensive field history for the first time. Data collection is seamless and simple which is perfect for scouts with all levels of training, as well as easy for our growers to understand. This program has really helped us to provide the scouting program our growers are looking for. "

Clunette Elevator Co. Inc.


“In using AgSync, the biggest help to us was the ability to instantly communicate back to the dealers when the work was done. And we were able to provide impressive verification maps and reports complete with start/stop times, dates, etc. We were able to help the growers as well – as the need for status phone calls was far less. And the AgSync System is very user friendly. Some of our dealers especially enjoyed not having to create printed maps for us, as well as being able to work from home offices or wherever they had Internet access. We were very pleased with the system.Prior to using AgSync, we had one grower in particular who would call every day checking on his fields. With AgSync, his phone calls dropped down to about 10 calls in total over the season. Also, one dealer was comparing us to another applicator (who was using Syngenta) in terms of service. The dealer wanted specific work order completion data – which was easy for us to deliver with AgSync! The AgSync System helped us!”

Pontiac Flying Services, Pontiac, Illinois


"We have done a lot with the system this year. I like the ability to store the field and customer information, and plan on meeting with my growers in the off-season, to use AgSync as a way to better plan for the next season. AgSync will also help my growers indirectly, as they will not have to go to the FSA or other places to get maps for us."

Green Meadows Aviation, LLC

"AgSync has transformed how we conduct business. The efficiencies gained through the system have allowed more time spent doing the things needed, resulting in more acres done each day.”

Agronomy Logistics Manager - SD Wheat Growers