AgriSite IPM

The AgriSite IPM system brings crop scouts, agronomist, ag retailers, producers, and farmers together to collaborate on site-specific field scouting information.


Get Connected… in the field

crop scouting app mobile device
AgriSite’s mobile app allows crop scouts to navigate to fields, log geo-referenced site observations, record crop information, and capture pictures. After completing scouting observations, reports are electronically submitted to the AgriSite IPM webapp for agronomist review. AgriSite is an essential tool for agronomy management.


Get Connected… in the office

scouting app office screen
AgriSite IPM’s web application organizes reports for agronomists review. Recommendations can be selected from predefined templates. After review, reports are approved for producers access via mobile device or any web browser to review and/or print field scouting reports. If a product application is recommended, work orders can be easily created and sent to AgSync logistics for dispatch.

AgriSite IPM Key Features:
  • Customer list with field locations.
  • Customized crop list.
  • Customized pest list.
  • Assign fields to scouts.
  • Collect geo-referenced field observations.
  • Take geo-referenced digital images.
  • Wireless report synchronized across IOS devices.
  • Review reports from multiple scouts at once.
  • Create online crop protection recommendations.
  • Share reports with producers.
  • Batch report printing.

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